2025 Genesis GV80 coupé [9 Photo Gallery]

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Get ready for some serious excitement, because the unveiling of the Genesis GV80 Coupe is here, and it's a total game-changer for the Genesis brand! This is where sportiness meets practicality in a fusion that's nothing short of spectacular!

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The Genesis GV80 Coupe is an absolute masterpiece, blending the best of both worlds: the versatility and robustness of an SUV with the sleek, dynamic flair of a coupe. This launch is a loud and clear statement of Genesis' dedication to delivering vehicles that don't just perform exceptionally but also tug at your heartstrings with their emotional appeal.

Just take a look at its exterior – it's the epitome of high-performance style. The GV80 Coupe boasts an elegant yet bold silhouette that's bound to turn heads. Those MLA-powered LED headlamps and the stunning double-layered Crest Grille, straight from the redesigned GV80 SUV, are just the beginning.

When you catch its side profile, the arch-shaped Parabolic Line and the low, sloping roofline come together in perfect harmony, creating a dynamic, powerful look. And those wheels – oh, those wheels! Exclusive 20- and 22-inch options with unique spokes make the GV80 Coupe stand out even more in its sporty glory.

At the rear, the GV80 Coupe continues to impress with its distinctive LED surface-emitting rear combination lamps and a wide, integrated auxiliary brake light that's seamlessly integrated into the tailgate. And that sporty touch of a centrally descending rear spoiler? It's just the cherry on top!

Inside, the GV80 Coupe is a haven of sporty elegance. It features a two-tone D-cut steering wheel that's not just about looks – it amplifies the driving dynamics while maintaining that elegant interior vibe. You'll find unique carbon garnish patterns and seats with exclusive patterns and stitching that scream 'luxury coupe.'

And for those who love a bit of metallic flair, the brake and accelerator pedals come with metal accents to boost that high-performance feel and ensure maximum grip during those exhilarating rides.

But let's talk power – the GV80 Coupe offers two engine choices, including a jaw-dropping gasoline 3.5L V6 Twin Turbo with a 48V electric supercharger (e-S/C), pushing out a robust 409 horsepower. This isn't just any car – it's a statement on wheels!